Actual IFR flight in the rain

Today was awesome! I flew for the first time in 4+ months. Not sure why, just laziness I guess. Shiva and I went for an actual IFR flight today – Shiva joined just because I was not current any more.

We took off from Hawthorne in our Cessna 172, N7275R. The weather was marginal VFR and we hit the clouds below 2500 feet for about 500 ft or so. Then again at 3200 we were in the clouds. The first approach was the RNAV Z expert predictions at Long Beach. Due to ATC delays in actual conditions we were sent all over town before being vectored to the final approach course. A straight forward approach. Just before Runway 30, we executed an IFR missed with a Southbound turn.

Next we asked for the ILS into Torrance. There was a helicopter about a mile from us, but we could not see it in the clouds. Once we cleared the helicopter with help from ATC, we continue to shoot the ILS with ultimate precision. The HSI has been giving us trouble, so I had the second VOR also tuned to the localizer. However, it seemed like the HSI worked – something we will test again on the next flight.

Once again we executed an IFR missed approach and it was time to come home. A simple VFR (marginal) into Hawthorne with a landing in the rain on Runway 25 with a light tail wind.

The plane did get a free wash through this flight.. And I am back in the cockpit!! More flying through the rest of the year for sure.

IFR Flight

IFR Flight

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